Monday, November 7, 2011

Think about the support

When commissioning a corporate mobile application it is all to easy to forget that a successful mobile solution needs to be followed up with ongoing support and improvement in order to sustain and enhance that success.  

It is a great achievement to plant that initial creative seed that brings a new mobile app into your organisation, and start realising the many benefits that can arise through a new channel of communication and interaction.  This initial success however should be only the first step in an ongoing journey of improvement.  

Gamozzii prides itself on being there not just at that first exciting stage of releasing a new mobile app, but for the longer journey - we will partner with you in a way that is cost effective and manageable so that you have the confidence that the support is there where and when you need it to ensure your solution remains robust and effective. 

We will work closely with your business, utilising Agile delivery methods and time boxing techniques, to provide continuous improvement to your successful mobile solution, in a way that is transparent and manageable, and that can be easily integrated into your operational budget plans.

Contact Us if you would like to understand more about how we can partner with you to maintain and enhance your existing mobile presence.

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